Bridging the gap between technology and the footwear,  apparel & textile industries.

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The future with wearable technology, smart footwear, smart clothing, e-textiles...

Since the term "wearable tech" hit the mainstream consciousness many have asked, "Will it be in our clothes and footwear?" But many times we ask:

What is possible?

Will this be just another gadget?

Is there any real function?

Is there an opportunity for my brand or product offering?

Where do I start?


We can help.


"It's about creating products that enable meaningful experiences, not just a product."

Ben cooper | Managing Director,IoClothes

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A catalyst for innovation in footwear, apparel, and tech

We help bridge the gap between technology companies and the footwear, apparel and textile industries. We act as a catalyst and help point you in the right direction from the very start. Whether you're curious and just beginning your exploration of the world of wearables or smart products, or experienced in the industry, we can add value and help along the way.


"Don't wait. The time will never be just right."

Napoleon HIll